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Sonae Fashion
Deeply is a Portuguese surf brand, developed for everyone who sees surf as a lifestyle and whose motivation is to inspire the adoption of healthy attitudes in connection with nature through our products, partnerships and shared experiences with the community.
The brand centres its activity in the development and trade of wetsuits, sportswear and beachwear.
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Sonae Fashion
Salsa was born in 1994, in Vila Nova de Famalicão and, in 1998, it opened its first shop at Centro Comercial Norte Shopping. In 2002, it began its internationalisation process with the opening of its first shop in Spain and, in 2004, it reached the Middle East with a shop in Qatar. Nowadays, Salsa is present in over 35 countries.
Under the signature "It jeans me”, Salsa is the best-fitting jeanswear brand in the world, with a focus on denim and perfect technical fits, adapted to all types of bodies. The brand wishes to inspire people to feel good and create the best version of themselves, offering well-being and confidence to those who wear its clothes.
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