Sonae Activshare | Response campaign to the fires of 2017, Sonae, Sonae Capital and Sonae Indústria
2017 . Sonae
Support the populations affected by the fires and tackle the impact they had on various local communities
Sonae Activshare is Sonae's social responsibility programme, responsible for coordinating the different initiatives for community support, as well as internal volunteer actions.

The unprecedented tragedy caused by the wave of fires in 2017 has led Sonae companies to unite in a concerted response, which involved different actions throughout the second half of the year and that will continue in 2018.

Sonae MC supported firefighting services with essential food products during the period of forest fires.

Through the various brands, donations of goods for people and animals were made, as well gifts in kind to support the reconstruction of the affected areas. A group of employees was mobilised for volunteer activities on the ground, where they helped to triage, organise and store the many donations that came from all over the country to the affected areas.
Worten's Social Responsibility project, Código Dá Vinte, reverted to the victims of the fires. With this project, Worten invited the Portuguese people to swipe a solidarity bar code, at the end of their purchases, for a minimum amount of €0.20.

At the end of the campaign, Worten added 20% to the value raised in stores, thus reinforcing the total amount to be donated. The amount raised will be channelled to the Portuguese Red Cross which, throughout 2018, will use the funds to equip, with new appliances, the houses that are gradually being rebuilt, of the families that have lost all or a good part of their assets in these fires.

We also developed a collection of Christmas postcards that were on sale in our buildings. The companies and brands that joined the initiative made a contribution equal to the amount that was raised from selling these postcards. The amount collected (€11,600) will be distributed with the help and coordination of the Social Action Service of Vouzela City Council, an area that was particularly affected.
  • Support to 34 firefighting services;
  • More than 145 volunteers involved in internal actions;
  • €150,000 raised for the reconstruction of the affected houses (Código Dá Vinte, Worten).
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