Health and Well-Being, NOS
2017 . NOS
Promote healthy behaviour to improve the health and well-being of all NOS employees through bonding initiatives and the sharing of knowledge that lead employees to look after themselves
Conscious of the fact that our employees are the organisation's greatest asset in the pursuit of its strategic objectives, NOS evaluated the impact of health and well-being on productivity, involvement and attractiveness of the company. From their studies, they concluded that well-being (health and wellness) is a strong contributor to a high-performance organisation and therefore should be addressed holistically. In the actions that NOS develops, it understands that its employees are unique human beings with a professional and personal background, and aims at the balance of three components: physical/emotional/social well-being.

Firm in the holistic approach to total well-being, the NOS programme is annual and encompasses all relevant initiatives, in all areas of the organisation, and that work together towards the three action axes, with the objective of maximising the impact of the help offered for behaviour change.

"Bem-nos-quer” is the name of NOS health and well-being programme and "Taking care of yourself is taking care of us” is the message that reinforces one of the employee-oriented benefits that NOS promotes internally and that materialises our determination to improve their well-being and happiness. Some examples of the numerous initiatives carried out:
  • A week dedicated to health and well-being, which included several actions, namely workshops carried out by professionals addressing areas such as nutrition, physical activity, posture, relaxation, stress management and health screening.
  • Regular publication of digital content that promotes good practices and teaches healthy habits.
  • Different energising actions, celebratory and interaction activities (get togethers) are held throughout the year to foster trust, closeness and knowledge among employees. Furthermore, in relation to the social aspect, the company is also grateful to those employees who look after themselves and each other. Saying thank you is important and is therefore part of the programme.
  • 42% of employees participated in the initiatives, which required signing up for, due to limited capacity;
  • 4 was the average satisfaction score of the programme (on a scale of 1 to 5);
  • 11,417 views of related content.
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