Energy Savings Plan, Zippy
2017 . Sonae S&F
Optimise store energy consumption
Energy consumption represents a significant environmental impact associated with Zippy’s activity. Therefore, with the objective of improving its environmental performance, Zippy developed an action plan based on three intervention areas: real-time monitoring of store consumption, introduction of a change in procedures and the behaviour of employees in-store and the installation of store lighting to LED technology.

The implementation of the digital platform Checkwatts to all of the stores, assured the real-time monitoring of energy consumption of the all the stores. On the other hand, the assessment of this information allowed an indication to be obtained regarding the consumption pattern throughout the day, a comparison and indication of any variations against previous records and the visualisation of each store’s position in terms of energy ranking.

The adoption of Checkwatts made the implementation of a series of procedures possible, which gave the teams greater capacity to respond: the platform has been parameterised to send automatic alerts to each area manager, every time a store’s consumption was outside the pre-defined parameters, enabling immediate action to be taken (e.g., equipment connected after the closing of stores); whenever situations of anomalous consumption were identified, communication actions aiming to correct them were initiated; finally, the available information was used to create an energy auditing plan for the most critical stores regarding energy consumption.

Two of the main measures implemented were the activation of existing automatic systems, avoiding whenever possible, the risks inherent in the manual control of some relevant loads (namely lighting and HVAC equipment) and suggestions for reformulating the procedures used to control the operating scheme of the main loads, implemented with a view to optimising them (alignment of schedules in all stores).
  • 12.6% reduction in energy consumption (2016 vs. 2017 L4L);
  • 8 new stores with LED lighting systems;
  • 5 stores remodelled with a change to LED lighting.
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