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Sonae becomes a patron of the Hall of Diversity at the University of Porto

Sonae becomes a patron of the Hall of Diversity at the University of Porto

Groundbreaking deal in Portugal for scientific research

Science and Natural History Museum of the University of Porto, which includes the Hall of Biodiversity, will receive Sonae’s sponsorship, in an investment of 300 thousand Euros for the next three years.

Sonae and the University of Porto, through the Hall of Biodiversity, have celebrated a sponsorship deal with the goal of fostering the promotion, broadcast and scientific research in the field of biodiversity. As a result of this protocol, Sonae will invest 300 thousand Euros in the next three years.

The deal is part of Sonae’s corporate responsibility policy, which invests approximately 10 million Euros per year in the promotion of social and cultural well-being of the communities where it operates. For the University of Porto, this is an opportunity to reinforce research, conservation and broadcast activities of its Science and Natural History Museum, namely the hall specifically dedicated to biodiversity, where art meets biology and natural history.

Paulo Azevedo, Sonae’s Chairman and Co-CEO, states: "For Sonae, biodiversity is a gradually more important subject and we wish to actively contribute to its research and massive broadcast to society in general. The development of science and research is a way of increasing the country’s differentiation potential, thus supporting those valences as a patron of the Hall of Biodiversity is a way of fulfilling our mission of taking the benefits of progress and innovation to a growing number of people. The Hall is a unique space, moreover because it promotes the communication of themes that are relevant to the society in an artistic, accessible and understandable language, which allows for all of us to become change agents”.

António de Sousa Pereira, Dean of the University of Porto, stresses: "Sonae already is an important institutional partner of the University of Porto, namely in coaching, research, development and innovation projects. With this protocol, the partnership between the two institutions also includes scientific broadcast and cultural promotion. In a country where there isn’t enough support for science and culture from companies, Sonae stands out once again for its social responsibility, its commitment to knowledge and its concern for patrimony. Thus, it deserves our applause and gratitude”.

Nuno Ferrand de Almeida, Director of the Science and Natural History Museum of the University of Porto, states: "The Hall of Biodiversity materialises the dream of erecting a unique space for cultural promotion, open to everyone, founded in a new way of communicating science. Taking advantage of a singular environment, fostered by the strong historical and symbolic background associated to the charismatic Andresen House and the beautiful Porto Botanic Garden, the Hall becomes a magical and inspiring place. Based on an innovative museum concept, which commits to an ever-present aesthetic dimension associated to a delicate balance between real objects and cutting-edge technological solutions, its permanent exhibition surprises and moves us, showing us clearly that, as evolution products, we are also agents of that very evolution, shaping the nature around us and we must, for that reason, commit, with growing responsibility, to the preservation of biodiversity. A room for the confluence of art, literature and science, the Hall truly is a place for dreaming, talking and thinking. The extraordinary opportunity to make this project grow and, through it, promote even more the awareness of the need to preserve nature, hand in hand with Sonae, a company that prominently stands out for the quality and effective impact of the social and cultural action that, throughout time, it has promoted, is a reason for great pride and acknowledgement”.
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