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Sonae and MNAC inaugurate exhibition on Artificial Intelligence

Sonae and MNAC inaugurate exhibition on Artificial Intelligence

Today marks the inauguration of the LUZAZUL exhibition by Miguel Soares, in the third edition of the SONAE / MNAC Art Cycles project, which looks to promote a free artistic creation and bring society closer to the Arts.

The Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea - Museu do Chiado and Sonae will be inaugurating today the unprecedented exhibition "LUZAZUL”, by artist Miguel Soares. This initiative is part of the third edition of the biennial project SONAE / MNAC Art Cycles, integrated under Sonae’s corporate responsibility policy that seeks to promote creativity and innovation, stimulate new trends and bring society closer to the Arts, namely through relevant cultural manifestations that allow for enriching experiences for personal and collective development.

Miguel Soares, one of the pioneers in digital arts in Portugal, conceived and developed an original project based on a futuristic view of society, exploring the concept of automation and artificial intelligence in the context of the Technodigital Era and the 4th Industrial Revolution. Until 24 February 2019, the artist invited for the third edition of the SONAE / MNAC Art Cycles residence will be exhibiting a set of unprecedented works, made up of digitally composed still images, exposed in light boxes, and by moving images in 3D with musical composition, exposed in screens and projected, with scenes lit by "real” pictures.

LUZAZUL is a palindrome comprising two words, Light and Blue, which, together, can be read both from right to left and left to right (in Portuguese). This choice of words refers to both the light of technology that rules the world today and the concept of mirror. This project is the culmination of an artistic path dedicated to reflecting and conceptualizing the real versus the virtual world. The LUZAZUL exhibition puts forward a reflection on the hypothetic reality in which new machines become aware of "themselves” and seek to claim social rights. It is a philosophical proposition built through three generations of robots, which brings us an existentialist narrative of a non-dystopic future, with a poetic vision that questions whether this blue light is the "light at the end of the tunnel".

Catarina Oliveira Fernandes, head of Communication, Brand and Corporate Responsibility at Sonae, highlights that the "The SONAE / MNAC Art Cycles project has stood out for its innovative character within the Portuguese artistic scene, contributing to new ways of looking at the world. In this edition, there is an association between Art and Artificial Intelligence that aims to promote a reflection on the impact Artificial Intelligence may have on our current and future society, a topic that is simultaneously innovative and increasingly present in our daily lives. The Sonae /MNAC Art Cycles project aims to foster the discussion of pressing topics in society using an artistic language, promoting new considerations and points of view, thus contributing to the development of societies.

Emília Ferreira, director of MNAC, says, "Sonae’s patronage has allowed for a bolder and more innovative programme by MNAC, since 2014, namely in new areas of artistic creation. Hence, the Art Cycles project in particular, thanks to its artistic residence nature, has allowed for a wider and more questioning experimentation by the creators involved. Naturally, this highlights the relevance of Sonae’s patronage, both for the creation of artistic content, and for its wider debate, through the exhibition, while also strengthening the contribution of MNAC as a museum institution that aims to be pioneer.

SONAE / MNAC Art Cycles is the main initiative in the 2018 programme within the patronage agreement celebrated between Sonae and the Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea. This is a biennial endeavour that allows the selected artists to develop works that can constitute a contemporary response to the relationship between reality and History. This view can be documental, poetic, virtual or visionary, but it is also intended to explore both the identity we have inherited and those we intend to build. In the first edition of 2014, the invited artist was Daniel Blaufuks, while the second edition, in 2016, was at the hands of Hugo Canoilas.

B. Braga, 1970, lives and works in Lisbon.
Having majored in Product Design, in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon (1989-1995), upon studying Photography at Ar.Co, Arts and Visual Communication Center, Lisbon (1989-1990) and design, with Manuel San Payo, Monumental Gallery, Lisbon (1989-1990), the artist is currently taking a PhD degree in Contemporary Art at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Coimbra (2010-present time).
Miguel Soares has been teaching since 2006, at the University of Algarve, at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra, at the University of Évora and at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon.
Maintaining a regular artistic career, the artist has been participating in collective exhibitions since 1998, and individually since 1991, in Portugal and abroad. Miguel won the BES Photo 2007 award. His work is represented in several public and private collections in Portugal and abroad.

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