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Qualifica Sonae MC Centre provides certification for 277 people

Pioneering initiative allows for education and professional qualification within the company

  • Qualifica Sonae MC Centre promotes education and the acknowledgement of skills, contributing to improving the population’s education level.
  • Sonae establishes the goal of increasing in 5% its employees’ qualification level until 2020.
  • Qualifica Sonae MC Centre has 1,400 registered users and has already certified 277 people.

Sonae, through Sonae MC, is committed to the valorisation and training of human resources, having invested in the creation of a pioneering Qualifica Centre, aiming at the acceleration of skill acknowledgement and the increase of its employees’ education level. As a result of this commitment, nowadays, over two hundred employees of the Group’s retail businesses receive their qualification certificates, at a ceremony in Lisbon, with the presence of His Excellency, the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, Paulo Azevedo, Chairman of Sonae’s Board of Administration, João Costa, Secretary of State for Education, and Miguel Cabrita, Secretary of State for Employment, as well as Luís Moutinho, Sonae MC’s CEO and Members of the Board of Sonae MC, Isabel Barros, José Fortunato and Miguel Águas.

The Qualifica Programme is an initiative created by the Government to improve levels of education and training of the Portuguese population and allow for better conditions for citizens’ employability. Qualifica Sonae MC Centre has 1,400 registered users, more than 30% above the current national average, of whom approximately one thousand are under a skill acknowledgment, validation and certification process and 277 have already benefitted from their certified qualifications.

Paulo Azevedo, Chairman of Sonae’s Board of Administration, states: "A programme to improve the Portuguese people’s education, training and employability had to have Sonae’s huge commitment. The ambition to keep improving which characterizes us, as well as our belief in progress and knowledge, make us education enthusiasts and, especially, of education throughout life. Our teams are rich in people who’ve known how to overcome difficulties and progress in their occupations, even when they didn’t get the best education levels or professional qualifications. To acknowledge and value the qualifications they have now obtained is, for all of us, a reason for great joy”.

Until 2020, Sonae aims at increasing in 5% its employees’ level of qualification and hopes to achieve the registration of more than 1,800 employees for Sonae MC Qualifica Centre, thus trying to reinforce its part as far as education is concerned, fostering the increase of qualification at educational and professional levels for its employees.

Sonae MC Qualification Centre
Sonae MC Qualification Centre (Centro de Qualificação Sonae MC - CQSMC) offers its users certified educational qualification, professional qualification and modular training. For each registered user, the adequate training is defined considering the increase of their competences and the wish to elevate their level of education.

For Educational Qualification, CQSMC acts in the qualification of both primary and secondary levels and aims at providing these processes with agility and quality. Taking advantage of the connection with Sonae, the centre is committed to providing training quality and optimising the average process time, at the same time as it promotes a personalised monitoring of each and every registered employee.

As far as Professional Qualification is concerned, CQSMC has developed two qualification references for logistics operations and in-store operations jobs, covering all of their activity areas. These references are equipped with skill Recognition, Validation and Certification (RVCC) which, with the support of the project developed with ANQEP (Competence Recognition at Companies), allow to perform professional RVCC processes in stores (areas such as fish, meat, food, etc.) in a decentralised way, with central orientation.

In the case of Certified Modular Training, the RVCC processes (both educational and professional) require that, along the process, the adult attends at least 50 hours of additional or certified training. In order to fulfil this requirement, with the support of the units, CQSMC has developed certified modular training programmes in the areas of in-store and logistics operation, which are applied in a simple and swift way, on the job, to the employee under certification. This modular training is aimed at technological jobs (Logistics and Distribution) and covers all operational areas.
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