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Nobel Laureates and European Leaders call for more research and innovation  in the European Union

Nobel Laureates and European Leaders call for more research and innovation in the European Union


Letter signed by 66 world leaders, including Paulo Azevedo, urges political leaders across the EU to support an ambitious European research and innovation programme in the forthcoming EU budget cycle.

Nobel laureates, awarded scientists and over 40 leaders of major European companies have come together to sign a joint letter addressed at the governments of European countries, expressing their support to make research and innovation a top investment priority. Sonae promoted this initiative as part of ERT, the European Round Table of Industrialists, a forum that gathers 55 CEOs and Chairmen of the largest European multinational companies.

This letter appears in anticipation of the December European Council, where Heads of State and Government of the European Union will discuss the next multiannual financial framework, which will be implemented between 2021 and 2027.  

The joint letter mentions a report by the European Commission dating back to 2017 that appealed to double the investment in research and innovation, with a minimum of 120 billion euros in funding, to turn the EU into a true worldwide pioneer. Entering a serious budgetary commitment, namely through the Horizon Europe framework, will allow Europe to lead future knowledge and European companies to be better equipped to compete worldwide.

Paulo Azevedo, Chairman & Co-CEO of Sonae, said, "It is vital that society and businesses come together to defend what is truly differentiating for the future: the generation of knowledge. Only then can the EU prosper and create jobs in the growing quantity and quality we all desire.

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